What’s App Wednesday: FitQuest Lite

How to Play:

In “FitQuest Lite” (iPhone/iPad app; Free) jogging, jumping and ducking, takes the squirrel on an adventure down paths, over snakes and under eagles. The squirrel’s actions are generated by the child’s movements.

What are the benefits?

  • Endurance and strength: Jogging promotes endurance. Jumping and squatting builds lower body strength. For a child with poor endurance, start with a few seconds of jogging and slowly increase time spent using the app.
  • Sensory modulation: Jumping provides proprioceptive input and the up and down of jumping and ducking provides vestibular input. The child must modulate responses by jogging, jumping and ducking in a goal directed and organized manner.
  • Timing & projected action sequencing: Jumping over and ducking under obstacles encourages anticipation and timing of movements according to what is happening in the environment.

Who is it for?

This app is appropriate for preschool aged children through adults!

Why we love it!

Children who lack a refined sense of body in space often rely on vision to navigate the environment. This app provides visual feedback (the squirrel) while providing proprioceptive and vestibular input (jumping and ducking) that will enhance body in space and gradually reduce over-reliance on visual cues.

Submitted by:  Ariela Warburg Harcsztark, OTR/L

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