Fred iCreate Stylus

At POTS we use the Fred iCreate Stylus to help kids on the autistic spectrum with fine motor difficulties to write on the iPad. We are having amazing success with this tool! Something about it must be non-threatening and motivating, because children who typically avoid crayons and markers are jumping at the opportunity to use the iCreate.




Here is why we love it:

  • It is motivating and FUN! Kids love to use it
  • The friendly black lines “tell” your child exactly where to hold the stylus for that essential tripod grasp
  • The rubbery tip provides just the right amount of friction to remind kids to put the breaks on and end the letter at the appropriate place


Some Friendly Tips:

  • Children who struggle with fine motor skills may prefer to use their finger to draw on the iPad. To encourage use of the Fred iCreate Stylus, make sure to designate certain (very fun) apps that may only be used with the stylus.
  • When to provide a B R E A K:
    • As with a regular crayon, go for quality over quantity. If you see the quality of grasp, writing or drawing deteriorate, take a break
    • When a goal is spontaneously assuming (versus sustaining) an appropriate grasp, find reasons to take frequent breaks. This gives your child the opportunity to practice assuming a grasp over and over again
    • I like to build breaks into the activity. For example, when playing trace & erase on the Dexteria Junior app, have your child draw lines through paths with the iCreate stylus, and let him/her erase with a finger


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