What’s App Wednesday: Sticky Notes for iPad

What is Sticky Notes for iPad?

Sticky Notes for iPad (Free) is an app for creating short thoughts, notes and reminders.

It is Simple to Use!

  1. Double tap the screen to create (or edit) a note
  2. Type your note
  3. Choose a note color and a text font, color and size
  4. Make notes bigger or smaller by pinching in or out
  5. Drag Notes around the screen with one finger

Who will benefit?

  • This app is ideal for children who read proficiently
  • Any child who has difficulty with attention and organizing thoughts and ideas is a candidate. Instead of forgetting thoughts and tasks, a child can quickly and easily create a sticky note
  • A child who has difficulty sequencing can plan a routine and delete notes as steps are completed
  • A child who has difficulty with handwriting will benefit from the ability to jot down notes
  • A child who lacks the fine motor coordination for keyboarding can use the voice dictation feature
  • Visual learners benefit from the attention grabbing colors and fonts

Our Recommendations:

  • Allow your child to create a series of sticky notes for tasks and routines that he or she avoids. Planning routines and choosing fonts, sizes and colors is fun and provides a feeling of control
  • When you are short on time, preplan a routine and set the iPad on a stand on the kitchen table as a visual reminder for your family



Submitted by: Ariela Harcsztark OTR/L

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